In this blog I will explain what Earth Codes are and how you can use them

‘AardDroom’ by Geeske Hogenhuis 2016

Earth Codes are intuitive, colorful and organically flowing drawings by Geeske Hogenhuis that bypass your conscious mind and work on a subconscious level. Geeske uses intuitive symbols, fluid forms and bright colors that speak directly to your subconscious mind. You can intuit your own meaning and each Earth Code comes also with an intuitively channeled message. The codes are meant to help you grow and evolve. By looking at them and noticing your reaction to the codes, you become more familiar with your own subconscious and intuition.

Every week a new Earth Code will be revealed on this blog. It is totally free and for anyone that is drawn to these codes. Read the intuitively channeled meaning and intuit your own meaning while looking at the drawing. If you are particularly drawn to one image, it is possible to purchase the original drawing. You will then receive the drawing in a frame with the channeled message to go with it.

For international costumers, Geeske can make the drawing of your choice available for you on Etsy. Dutch and Belgian costumers can go to this page to see all the drawings that are available.

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