This Earth Code represents ‘Being Heard and Seen’

Earth code heard and seen
‘Heard and Seen’ by Geeske Hogenhuis 2019

Everyone wants to be heard, everyone wants to be seen. Maybe you are hiding in your shell and thinking you don’t want anyone to hear or see you, but once you had an important message. What is it? What are you giving to this world, that needs to be heard and seen?

Yes, you are important! Everyone is! Your presence is important in the world. There is no one just like you. Without you, there would be something missing. So what is it, that you want to bring here? If you knew, everyone was listening without judgment, what would you say, do and give?

What do you need in order for you to be courageous enough to speak your truth and say what is in your heart? Everything you need is here for you. Take it and give in return what is in your heart and wants to get out. Speak and give freely, because the whole world is listening!

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