This Earth Code represents budding

Earth Code Bud
‘Ontspruit’ by Geeske Hogenhuis 2016

What is budding in your mind? What is wanting to break through the soil of your imagination to grow into the world? What can you imagine for your life? What is the best version of it that you can think of?

Dare to dream and imagine a life so good you can hardly believe it will ever be possible! What can you do today to feel as good as you want to feel and to create a little what you want to create? Every little step is one in the right direction. Follow your heart and imagine!

Imagination is important! It’s not only for children who play pretend games. It is important for you too to think of new things, new possiblities, new opportunities! They can only come to you once you have thought about them.

Begin practising by thinking of something small you want to experience and take a tiny step each day towards experiencing this goal, possiblity or opportunity. What do you need in order for you to move beyond where you are now? How can you give this to yourself? Have fun and dream big! You can do it!

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